More complex than Pokemon, kind of like Magic but much better, Dreamscape is a fast-paced, immersive and chaotic environment where every second matters, where each card played depends on not only your strategy, but also your environment, as the constantly changing universe of Dreamscape washes over you.

The mood of the game is everything as you play with energy, for to falter, or hesitate, brings peril.

Of course, the water card you just played, bringing forth the water dragon, is useless now in the Cloud City, and as you watch your water dragon dying, a flight of air dragons enters, decimating your resources. Quickly you must play the right card, this time, an air card, calling forth an air creature with abilities suited to this new environment.

Quickly now -- play with energy! To hesitate is to end, for the AI does not hesitate, but seeks to consume you.

Play in campaign mode or challenge your friends to a deadly duel in multiplayer mode. Can you play fast enough, are you smart, quick and adaptive enough, to win?

Stay tuned for more information as we get ready to launch in 2017!

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Dreamscape is:
fast paced chaotic immersive.

Coming in 2017!