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About our company

Arachnid Creations, Inc has been creating quality applications using a variety of languages and skills since 2005, always operating on the frontline of modern technology. Not satisfied to simply follow the trends, we excel at pushing the envelope to deliver creative, unique and groundbreaking solutions to serve our clients’ needs.

Take Electronic Prototyping, for example. You may have a great idea, but the process of making a schematic, breadboarding an intermediate prototype, and then creating the printed circuit board layout maybe a little beyond your comfort zone. However, the experts here at Arachnid Creations can easily manage all aspects of your project, including 3D printing the prototype box. Even now we are bringing our own gizmo to market — check it out Echo On Watch!

Perhaps the lastest new and cool application has been born inside your mind; but where to begin? Arachnid Creations, Inc. can help guide you throughout the process, using all of the lastest technologies and even combining them in a way they have never combined before to achieve your dream. We don’t like to brag, (well, maybe we do a little bit), but no organization is better suited to coat your dream in reality then us! Want a sample of this greatness? Check out our current project at Domus Auto!

Not into electronic gizmos or cool apps? Perhaps you’ve chosen to make your fortune bringing the next Top Ten game to market. While some companies may struggle just to identity the latest programming languages and tools, we’re already using them! And if can be done (and yes, it CAN be done!) — Arachnid Creations are the ones you want to deliver your dream. For a real world example of how we bring games to life, check out our current Dreamscape project!

So yeah, we’re the ones you want, but don’t just take our word for it, read below what our customers have to say!


About us

Will HarrisEngineer/Founder

Will is such a geek, with a passion for inventing this, figuring out that, and mashing together things in new and creative ways. 

About us

Ashley HetrickExecutive Assistant

What doesn’t she do short of actual engineering, Keeps things running smoothly and takes care of whatever needs to be done.

About us

Alisha HarrisMedia Consultant

We’re not really sure what she does, but she’s always going on about what’s happening in someplace called the Twitterverse, and Tweeps and Tweeples and so forth.

About us

Chris T.Software Engineer

He takes care of software design, by implementing software solutions to one or more sets of problems.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design100%

Web Development100%


Web Hosting100%

Python Development100%

Why hire us?

Attention to detail

We make sure every aspect of every project is perfect to the specification of our clients.

Exceptional Communication

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients whether through email or on the phone. We get back to our clients in a timely fashion.

Creative ideas

We take the latest technologies and put them together in new and exciting ways to create things that don’t yet exist. How cool is that?!

  • jquery

    “[They have] the unique ability to develop inventive, creative solutions to challenging technical problems. . . [a]n extraordinarily powerful skill that can rarely be taught… [They] were instrumental in helping our startup company, Oraxi, develop a truly breakthrough website.”

    — Ryan Michelson, Product Owner

  • James A Freeman

    Information Technology Leader at Anthem, Inc.

    March 13, 2012, James A worked with William but at different companies

    I have worked with Will on numerous occasions and projects on a bi-directional, informal and advisory capacity. What strikes me about him is his indefatigable efforts and out-of-the-box thinking to solve complex problems for clients and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge to make even better solutions possible. Will’s strong work ethic and desire to do both the best and right thing for those he serves makes him worthy of both one’s trust and admiration. I continue to trust him to make solution I require happen.


  • Ariana Faustini

    Ariana Faustini

    Brand Strategist at Nest Labs | Marketing Consultant | Shopify Expert

    August 30, 2012, William worked with Ariana in the same group

    It was great working with William. He has an ability to translate marketing speak into programmer speak without skipping a beat. In addition, you can trust him to integrate all the best practices for SEO and if you forgot something, he’ll be sure to bring it up. In addition, William’s ability to conceive and implement complex architecture on large scoped projects is impressive. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Our Process

1. Design

2. Prototyping

3.First right of Refusal

4. Launch