Echo on Watch

Echo on Watch

Echo on Watch

We all know most fires, leaks, collisions etc. turn from an emergency to a disaster because we don’t catch the problem in time or soon enough. Echo – On Watch (Patent Pending) seeks to solve that problem by implementing multiple WIRELESS sensors throughout the vessel that are capable of detecting a variety of conditions; Smoke, Fumes, Fire, Temp, Weather, Proximity etc. In addition to all these safety features it also provides Native GPS Navigation (using NOAA Charts), Digital Compass, Man Overboard Button, and many other useful features.

The main UI (User Interface) is primarily a Map with a Directional indicator and GPS marker icon and contains easy access to indicator lights (such as anchor is down, the navigation lights are on/off, etc) as well as important buttons such as the man overboard button. Like in the event of a developing problem the interface will warn you with an audio AND visual warning of the type and location of the problem, i.e. Fire – Starboard Engine, or weather alert (pressure drop means storm is coming).

Any number and any combination of sensors can be added to the system. If your boat has two engines then you can add sensors to watch both engines; you can have two proximity sensors or twelve. The sensors have redundant power supplies so in the event your vessel loses power, internal batteries will power your unit for up to five days.

Additionally, outboard sensors can all be purchased with Solar panels to completely untether them. The sensors are configured in packs:

Main Unit, Engine Pack, Flood Pack, Proximity Pack, and Weather Pack.

  • Main Unit/GPS Pack: GPS Unit, Digital 6 axis Compass, CPU, Microprocessor, and Battery Backup.
  • Engine Pack: Fire sensor, Smoke/Fumes Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Wireless Transmitter, and Battery Supply.
  • Proximity Pack: Distance Sensor, Solar Panel, Battery Supply, and Wireless Transmitter.
  • Weather Pack: Temperature, Barometer, Altimeter, Battery Backup, Solar Panel (optional) and, Wireless Transmitter.
  • Flood Sensor: Water Contacts, Battery Backup, and Wireless Transmitter.

The sensors have been programmed with a pairing mode so that new sensors can be paired with your system and will not be confused with other wireless sensors in the area. Through a button on the interface you will be able to add new sensors as you see fit or as your needs change.

Wouldn’t you think having something like this with you when you’re out at sea could make a huge difference?

Thank you for taking time out of your day to find out how you can put Echo-on-watch!


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